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Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka, BBW, Kellymom, Breastfeeding USA and me being a Fangirl

It's Black Breastfeeding Week this week. Trying to process the range of responses to this week is like drinking hot tea after sucking on ice. I have observed a range of responses, from unfettered support to the micro-aggression of asking "why do we need a black breastfeeding week?" to the very disappointing response of one of the well-known pump manufacturers on their facebook page who actively deleted the single post (posted by a follower) that made any mention of Black Breastfeeding Week because someone reported it as...abusive? Not sure how that logic follows, if you understand in any way the complex sociocultural context that Black Americans must exist in today.

I am multiracial, and was raised with a hodgepodge of various cultural influences. I never really identified with one in particular, and if you could somehow track the racial/ethnic identifications that I have listed on the various forms I've filled out throughout my life, you would see no consistent rep…