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Breastfeeding USA - one of the newest Board Members!

Breastfeeding USA is a national organization based in the U.S. I became aware of them last year through a fellow admin who was at that time helping with the Breastfeeding Support Group. Two things about the organization appealed to me, after my limited experience with La Leche League. First, the training was completely online and had interactive components (such as a required live group video chat to role play helping scenarios) that appeal to my interest in technology based digital learning environments. Second, the organization is emphatic on supporting working moms, and focuses almost exclusively on breastfeeding education, promotion, and support rather than on parenting. While I do think those two things go hand in hand, I also think that it's not an all-or-nothing pursuit, and that supporting babies receiving breast milk for the optimal duration as a public health concern is of primary importance.

So I mulled over it and paid the $25 to join the organization, beca…


I was sitting in my Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods lecture and in the middle of a discussion about the Small Sample Wilcoxon Signed Rank Rest for Paired Differences, it occurred to me that all the things I decided to blog about on this blog are intertwined. And maybe I should explore that a bit more.

That happened at nearly the same point the professor mentioned the Greek term Psi, used to define the +/- sign of the indicator variables, which led to this dude dancing in my head for the rest of the lecture.

Autism, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, nutrition, health education, technology, health equity - all intertwined. The tag line used for Black Breastfeeding Week has been on my mind quite a bit, because the idea to "Life Every Baby" is part and parcel of what drives me to be a breastfeeding advocate and ties together the disparate other interests that have permanent orbits in the galaxy of my mindscape.

Although there are some (many?) that might disagree, I…