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Mommy Wars. Yes, I went there.


Teaching an old dog new tricks, or, why digital portfolios are fun and useful

I'm minoring in educational technology among other things. I find it striking that many health education and medical studies seek to implement multimedia learning environments without actually basing the design or material interaction on the existing research base related to multimedia interfaces in academic learning. Or, you know, making an effort to make comparisons between the academic populations and the under-served populations that are in such dire need for low-cost and accessible preventative health education services. To quote the original MTV's Real World intro, "You think you know, but you have no idea..."

All that aside I think it's important in our current media and technology saturated age to establish a digital presence as a graduate student. Not the "look at how wasted I got" social media shares from your younger days, my friends (or the ten thousand links to YouTube music videos from the early 2000s that no one liked or commented on that…

Breastfeeding, opinions, messaging, research...and some hot off the presses research up in ya.

So a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times that I will not link ("the op-ed that shall not be named") poo-poo'ed the veracity of the existing body of literature that supports the assertion of breastfeeding as beneficial to child nutrition and development. The author chose to bestow favor upon a select few secondary data analyses that showed no significant benefit.

Measurement sensitivity aside (because the degree to which a dose-response relationship can be measured with a 'yes/no' survey item is obviously very limited), I think it's important to remember that a BODY of literature has been steadily building for the last 30+ years. I've also seen another disingenuous headline that suggested there was a "growing body of evidence" that there is no substantial benefit to breastfeeding...just, no.

Biological Norm and Research Methods
First of all, let's remember that there is no benefit to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the biological norm. That…

Videos! Multimedia! Get into it!

It's been a hot minute since I updated this blog, because, life. Kids, nonprofit board membering, researching, grad schooling, trying to maintain my household in some semblance of orderliness so that I am not living in filth, emotions...yeah. Life.

I'm taking a course called "Protocols for Multimedia Interfaces" for my Educational Technology minor. Basically a primer in basic html and java, web design, image editing, educational video production, adobe flash, and even a smattering of mobile app development. Whatever your opinion of technology may be, it's marching grimly forward and you can either jump head first into the fray or you can "Meh" and "Get off my lawn" on the sidelines with the ever-shrinking group of technophobes that are busy prepping for the end times/zombie apocalypse.

My project-in-lieu of thesis for my master's degree in health education and behavior involved video production (that is a topic for another post), so I had …