Videos! Multimedia! Get into it!

It's been a hot minute since I updated this blog, because, life. Kids, nonprofit board membering, researching, grad schooling, trying to maintain my household in some semblance of orderliness so that I am not living in filth, emotions...yeah. Life.

I'm taking a course called "Protocols for Multimedia Interfaces" for my Educational Technology minor. Basically a primer in basic html and java, web design, image editing, educational video production, adobe flash, and even a smattering of mobile app development. Whatever your opinion of technology may be, it's marching grimly forward and you can either jump head first into the fray or you can "Meh" and "Get off my lawn" on the sidelines with the ever-shrinking group of technophobes that are busy prepping for the end times/zombie apocalypse.

My project-in-lieu of thesis for my master's degree in health education and behavior involved video production (that is a topic for another post), so I had already gotten my feet wet and dabbled a bit. I like it more and more, so I envision myself doing more in this particular specialization as time moves on, even if it's just from the perspective of an enthusiastic hobbyist.

Below is the product of an assignment for a 2 minute video. I plan to do more, so stay tuned if you're into it. Big ups, y'all.


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