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"Pain is a sign that something is wrong"

Feeling compelled to spill my guts, literally, today. I'm doing an experiment at the moment where I am delaying my morning dose of medications as long as physically possible to explore the chronic pain I am experiencing more thoroughly. Like most people, I am hard wired to shun pain. Pain is a sign that something is wrong, I say this in my mother to mother breastfeeding support often. Like a mantra. Get help if it hurts. You don't have to do this alone. You've got a team.

Those words feel hollow to me. I am low. "My heart is low, my heart is so low, as only a woman's heart can know." My experience with navigating the systems involved in asking for help is that you kind of do really have the capacity to advocate for yourself, and this isn't a comforting thing to hear when you are in pain and struggling to find a resolution. You really do have to do a lot of things on your own to get access to appropriate help, in many circumstances.

This is so not cool, I…