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The Endocannabinoid System and Therapeutic Use of Medical Cannabis, THC and CBD

As of 2017, Florida legalized the use of medical marijuana via registration with the compassionate care registry. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products are available by prescription to patients meeting the diagnostic requirements for illness and disorders that have clinically demonstrated alleviation of symptoms under treatment protocols that include medical marijuana. A wide range of conditions may benefit from medical marijuana treatment ( because the symptoms of these diseases share commonalities – muscle tension/spasms, anxiety, neuropathic and migraine pain, nausea, appetite suppression, and agitation.

Medical CBD resulted in a significant improvement in my quality of life. In previous blog posts starting in October of last year I disclosed a severe decompensation into PTSD symptoms related to my experience both during the election cycle and a lack of support from my home department at the University of Florida. I worked diligently using the traditi…

Medusa's Transcendence

I'm working on a long and involved post about Westworld, PTSD, suffering, and insight/awaking. In the meantime I found this little tidbit in a journal and thought I would share because it really reflects where I am right now.

I'm still incapacitated with PTSD reactivation. Unfortunately, as we do, the social support begins to wane over time (Ptucha, p. 6-8). It's emotionally exhausting to support someone in crisis, and I've met my quota for the year. This is how brilliant people lose their career, I suppose. Social support is often cited, I've been in many a classroom where this was listed by graduate or doctoral student as a protective buffer for many a chronic disease and social ill. The conceptualization of social support as a static rather than dynamic element of the individual experience is problematic.

If social support is static, then we can move forward after checking a yes/no box without consideration for the future condition of this element. Social suppor…

Year of Yin