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Medusa's Transcendence

I'm working on a long and involved post about Westworld, PTSD, suffering, and insight/awaking. In the meantime I found this little tidbit in a journal and thought I would share because it really reflects where I am right now.

I'm still incapacitated with PTSD reactivation. Unfortunately, as we do, the social support begins to wane over time (Ptucha, p. 6-8). It's emotionally exhausting to support someone in crisis, and I've met my quota for the year. This is how brilliant people lose their career, I suppose. Social support is often cited, I've been in many a classroom where this was listed by graduate or doctoral student as a protective buffer for many a chronic disease and social ill. The conceptualization of social support as a static rather than dynamic element of the individual experience is problematic.

If social support is static, then we can move forward after checking a yes/no box without consideration for the future condition of this element. Social suppor…

Year of Yin